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Jan 18
Jan 26

Lake Erie Winter Showcase Lake Erie Speedway

Jan 27

EPIC Volleyball Tournament ERIEBANK Sports Park


Schedule: Erie Winter Beach Blast Cheer and Dance Championships

Erie, PA: Champion Cheer Central will host the second of four cheer and dance competitions to be held in Erie, PA this season on Sunday, as the Erie Winter Beach Blast Cheer and Dance Championships will be held at the Bayfront Convention Center.

Tumbling into 2019: Stars and Stripes Gymnastics Invitational

18th Annual Event set for Jan. 18-21 at Bayfront Convention Center

EPIC Volleyball Club to Host 10 Tournaments in Erie Region in 2019

EPIC Volleyball Club will host 10 Ohio Valley Region (OVR) junior volleyball tournaments in the Erie region beginning on Sunday, Jan. 27. Nine of the tournaments will be held at ERIEBANK Sports Park. Each of the tournaments will feature as many as 16 teams, each of a different division, from...

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