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Facility Matching Funds


The Erie Sports Commission Facility Matching Funds Program was created to provide matching dollars for facility improvements and/or new equipment at locations that can host sporting events and tournaments. Facility improvements facilitated with ESC matching funds should be completed with the intention of attracting new sporting events, or growing existing events that can generate tourism. Awards are granted based on merit as determined by the established criteria and selected by the Erie Sports Commission.

Available Funds: $60,000

The Erie Sports Commission has announced a significant increase in available funds in 2023, with a total of $60,000 to be awarded. Fund requests from $500 to $15,000 will be considered, and in extremely rare circumstances, requests that exceed $15,000 will be considered. Approved project applications will receive a dollar-for-dollar match from the Erie Sports Commission. 

Eligible Applicants:     

Applicants must be located within Erie County, Pennsylvania and have facilities available to host tournaments and events that draw out-of-town participants. Facilities must indicate existing tourism-based events or targeted events in the program application.

Note: Preference will be given to applicants who are VisitErie partners in good standing at the time of application, as well as facilities who have not previously received funding through this program. 


  • Applicants may request an amount between $500 and $15,000 to be considered. In extremely rare circumstances, applicants with requests exceeding $15,000 will be considered.
  • Applicants may apply once per cycle.
  • Proof of payment for improvements must be provided before the Erie Sports Commission reimburses approved funding.
  • A for-profit business that received a grant may be required to treat the grant as income and is responsible for paying any necessary taxes applicable thereto.
  • Upon completion of approved projects, the applicant must notify the Erie Sports Commission of the project’s completion with proof of performance (to include a purchase order, photos, etc.). The ESC will also require a site visit upon completion. All projects must be completed within one year of funding approval or grant funds awarded will be revolved to the next cycle.
  • Facility improvements made through the ESC Facility Matching Funds Program must be done with the intention of attracting new events that will drive new out-of-town tournaments or grow existing events and visitors to our region. All applications should address tourism.
  • Participant contributions must be in cash, not trade.
  • Once the grant is awarded and improvements are complete, the facility must allow the ESC to market the facility for future events and work closely with facility operators. Further recognition will be mutually agreed-upon following acceptance of the application.
  • Any requests for equipment should directly lead to increased sports tourism for Erie County.


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ASCEND Big Check Photo

Congratulations to our 2023 Facility Matching Funds Grant Recipients! 

  • Erie Sports Center, for the purchase of fencing and other materials to create four new baseball/softball diamonds
  • ASCEND Erie, for the purchase of equipment needed to host USA Climbing competitions (pictured)
  • Around the Post Pickleball, for materials needed to construct four dedicated indoor pickleball courts
  • Lake Erie Speedway, to repave parts of its pit area to better accommodate large-scale events
  • Lake Shore BMX, for the purchase of track glue to improve the track surface, and materials needed to construct a strider track
  • Asbury Woods, for the purchase of reusable water bottle filler stations

Read more about our 2023 awards here

Past Recipients: 

  • Erie Sports Center, for the purchase of volleyball net systems for their new sand arena (2022)
  • MSA Premier Sports Park LLC, for the purchase of soccer and lacrosse goals for their new outdoor field complex (2022)
  • Rambler Wrestling Club, for the purchase of a new mat to use at their Battle on the Bay youth wrestling tournament (2022)
  • Erie Gymnastics Center, for updated scoring equipment to use at their events, including the Stars & Stripes Gymnastics Invitational (2022)
  • ERIEBANK Sports Park, for the purchase of four new, adjustable volleyball net systems (2021)
  • Northern Allegheny Mountain Bike Association for its Trails at Six Mile project (2021)
  • Sinai Sports for the expansion of its ninja course and equipment (2021)
  • E2A2 Sports Facility, for the creation of locker rooms to accommodate tournaments (2019)
  • MYAA David Long Baseball/Softball Complex, for the creation of a fifth multi-use field (2019)
  • MYAA Henry Fish Sports Complex, for the purchase of equipment to expand their ability to host lacrosse events (2019)
  • ERIEBANK Sports Park, for the purchase of soccer nets for their outdoor fields (2018)


Facility Matching Funds Grant Application


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Does the facility have any existing rules that would not allow the ESC to host an event at the venue, or significantly limit the ESC's ability to host an event at the venue?