National Club Football Association to Host Playoff Game in Erie

Tuesday Nov 13th, 2018

Oakland and Sacred Heart Set to Play at Dollinger Field Saturday

Erie, PA: The Erie Sports Commission is pleased to announce that the National Club Football Association (NCFA) will host a national semi-final playoff game for the third consecutive year at Prep-Villa’s Dollinger Field on Saturday, Nov. 17 at 3 p.m.

NCFA 1 1In a rematch of the 2017 NCFA national semi-final game hosted in Erie, the North Atlantic Conference champion Sacred Heart University (Fairfield, Conn.) will face Oakland University (Rochester, Mich.), the Great Lakes Conference champion.

The winner will earn a spot in the 2018 NCFA National Championship Bowl Game in Wheeling, W.Va. on Dec. 1.

The NCFA is the only intercollegiate club tackle football league sanctioned by CollClubSports in the United States. The organization provides collegiate student-athletes the opportunity to play competitive, organized tackle football while in college.

In the 2017 matchup, Sacred Heart beat two-time national champion Oakland 28-6 at Dollinger Field. Sacred Heart went on to win the National Championship in 2017, beating Ft. Lauderdale 21-18.

The NCFA first moved to a playoff format in 2015. That playoff format saw the four conference champions head to a single neutral site, and opponents selected by seed. Member teams decided on the current NCFA Playoff format, with sites and matchups determined in advance.

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