Lake Erie National Cheer Headed to Downtown Erie this Weekend

Friday Apr 9th, 2021

Erie, Pa:  Champion Cheer Central will host its Hard Rockin’ at Lake Erie National Cheerleading Championships at Erie Insurance Arena April 10-11. The event is part of the organization’s “Champions Weekend,” which includes the Champions of Dance Event at the Bayfront Convention Center April 11.

In order to comply with statewide event capacity guidelines, the events will not be open to the public. Tickets were presold to participants’ families in order to maintain a limited capacity.

The event will be taking numerous other precautions to keep visitors safe, including scheduling athletes by division and distributed color-coded wristbands to visually indicate which athletes and spectators are permitted to be in the building at which time. Once a division has competed, those athletes and their families must leave the building. Masks will be required of all spectators and athletes, and social distancing measures will be enforced.

Two full-paid bids to The Cheerleading Worlds will be awarded at the event.

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